Unique benefits of small group nurseries

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What makes small group nurseries different.

A small group setting helps to prepare our children for school in a more nurturing and less intimidating environment.

At Hilltop Tots Day Nursery our children and families benefit from a more personal approach in a homely setting. As one of the smallest group settings in Stoke-on-Trent our high staff to child ratio enables our staff to spend more time getting to know our children and families and tailoring our care to their individual needs.

What are the Powerful benefits of small group nurseries


A more personal approach to childcare 

With small group sizes, Practitioners can get to know each child as an individual, working with them to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses and tailoring their approach to the needs of each child.

Children get to know each other better at

Instead of being another face in a huge crowd, children will be more likely to develop relationships and enhance their social skills.

A more relaxed nursery environment

A small group setting provides a balance that enables children to prepare for school whilst supporting their personal, social and emotional development in a homely and nurturing. 

Easier settling in period in small group nurseries 

A large room of children can be intimidating for children and families when a child first starts nursery. We believe that less children and a calmer and more relaxed environment, enables children to settle in quicker and easier.

How small group nurseries can provide safer childcare during Covid-19

Government guidance for nurseries and schools is that class sizes should be no more than 15 children in a single class. Further guidance for nurseries sets out that children should be grouped in a group of 3 or 4 children in each room which will be the group they socialise in that day.

This is something that as a small group nursery we already operate. Each of our rooms is divided to accommodate smaller groups of a maximum of 4 children. We have always believed that smaller group sizes and higher staff ratios enables us to spend more time meeting our children's individual needs and helping them to reach their full potential.

Government guidance also recommends lessons outside as much as possible. At hilltop Tots we are the first forest school in Talke and we believe strongly in this approach. Now even more we will be using our extensive natural garden to continue our learning outside.

Research has proven that there are significant benefits to small class sizes in outcomes for children. And this is why we are so passionate about this approach at Hilltop Tots Day Nursery.

The national council of teachers of English research found that "The benefits of smaller classes extend beyond test scores and student engagement. In addition to the longer-term positive attributes of small class sizes in the early grades, benefits include continued academic and life success. Researchers have found that reducing class size can influence socioeconomic factor"

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