Nursery Rooms

Main room 2

Butterfly Room 

Our Butterfly room features a range of activities to help them develop and grow. Every area in the nursery  meets the Early Years Foundation Stages learning areas and encourages independence and interests.


Baby room 4

Caterpillar Room

Our Caterpillar room for Under 2's is a relaxing and homely environment filled with soft furnishings and inviting areas of play.


Sensory room

Sensory room

Hilltop Tots Day nursery is one of the only nurseries in Stoke-on-Trent with a sensory room.

Children of all ages have access to our multi-sensory room. A calming and soothing environment to help stimulate children's social and emotional development.



Our garden offers a range of different activities to promote the health and physical development of your children. Our fairy garden ,Pirate ship, stage, Play house and bug hotel encourage small world play promoting their imagination and confidence.


Sensory garden

We have a separate section of the garden designed to be a sensory garden. This allows children to explore their taste, sight, smell and touch senses in a natural environment.