Our steps to prevent Coronavirus

What we are doing to ensure Hilltop Tots is the safest possible place for our children, families and staff


In what has been difficult and uncertain times for everyone, we are putting measures in place to ensure that Hilltop Tots is a safe place for our children, families and staff

How our Nursery is prepared to prevent Coronavirus:

Government guidance: "We will prioritise younger children in the next phase of wider opening, for several reasons. Firstly, because there is moderately high scientific confidence in evidence suggesting younger children are less likely to become unwell with coronavirus and secondly because evidence shows the particularly detrimental impact which time spent out of education can have upon them"

Below are some of the actions we have taken to ensure we are prepared to prevent Coronavirus (covid-19)

Small groups - At Hilltop Tots we benefit from being a small group nursery. This means that even before Coronavirus we remained under the government advised class sizes of 15. We believe that our children benefit from a smaller group of children with high staff ratio's enabling us to provide a more personal approach to childcare.

Our nursery is divided into four rooms enabling us to have four smaller groups of a maximum of four children, which will be grouped on age and friendships groups.

More benefits of a small group nursery can be found on our small group nursery page.

Forest school and outdoor lessons - We have always believed in the outdoors being an extension of the class room and an opportunity to provide unique and inspiring learning opportunists.  Now more than ever we are all becoming more aware of the benefits of being outside. This is why where possible we will be basing our day outside in our beautiful and extensive natural garden.

At Hilltop Tots we are proud to provide Talke's and the local area's first forest school as part of our curriculum.

More information on this can be found on our forest school page.

Preparing, educating and mentoring our children - We have all had to get used to a different way of living and not least our children. This is why we are working with our children to help them understand these changes and how we can all keep each other safe such as having tissue available for coughs and sneezes and disposing after use, using fun alternatives to physical interaction with peers such as elbow and foot bumping. Where have my hugs gone, hilltop Tots Day Nursery Coronavirus story

One of the ways in which we have prepared our children for these changes is with a story we made for all of our children and families. We made the story available as a book, colouring pages and an audio video so that all of our families could access this. We have been astounded to find that this has not only helped our families but has also been used by families and nurseries all around the world with requests from a ministry of defense nursery in Cyprus and the department for education in Australia. So far the video has been viewed over 19.000 times and has also featured in our local news The Sentinel at Stoke-on-Trent live. We are so happy that so many people have enjoyed this story and found it helpful.

Below are the slides and the video can be found here

Where have my hugs gone pdf

Cleaning and disinfection - We take very seriously our role of ensuring a clean and safe nursery at all times and now more than ever this is one of main priorities.

Whilst Hilltop Tots Day Nursery has been closed, an extensive deep clean of our nursery has been undertaken. Deep cleans of all areas of the nursery will continue to take place at the end of every day as well as a thorough cleaning schedule throughout the day.

Some of the steps we are taking are:

  • Providing hand washing or hand sanitising facilities in all areas of our nursery.
  • Ensuring tissue is available in all areas in the nursery.
  • Thorough hand and face wash schedules throughout the day, starting before entry to the nursery and ending before leaving.
  • Toys and resources will be disinfected and stored out of reach after each use.
  • Outside sessions as much as is possible.

Visitors and drop offs - Parents will be asked to continue to drop children off outside the nursery where they will be met by a member of staff. Non essential visits will not take place during opening hours. Instead we are able to facilitate virtual, out of hours and weekend visits.

Testing - All staff will have taken a test before being allowed to return to work and will continue to take regular tests to confirm they are clear of Coronavirus. Everyone will also have their temperature checked before entering the nursery and no one with symptoms will be allowed to enter the nursery.

Providing the same, love, care and attention- As important all the steps we have put in place are, this will not be at the expense of the social, emotional and physical needs of children which will still be of equal importance.

For all our parents and families a more detailed risk assessment is available to view on your parent account.

We will constantly be reviewing our practice in line with government, NHS and local authority guidance as well as reflecting on feedback from staff and families on how we can improve our practice further.