Hilltop Tots Family Feedback

Hilltop Tots Family Feedback

All of our families recently completed a feedback questionnaire. Below is the amazing results and feedback

Hilltop Tots Questionnaire:

Question Strongly agree Agree DisagreeStrongly disagree
My child is happy at Hilltop Tots Day Nursery273
I am happy with the quality of care my child receives and my child is supported to fully meet their potential282
Children are consulted about their likes and dislikes228
My ideas as a parent are valued and I have opportunities to give ideas about the setting228
There are a wide range of activities available to meet the children's needs282
My child is encourage to be healthy255
I am aware of what to do as a parent if I am concerned about a child264
I receive regular communications about my child from the nursery staff273
I feel happy approaching staff about help and support and discussing my child's needs291
The nursery is kept clean, bright and in good order282
If something breaks, I know it is dealt with appropriately1812
The setting is stimulating for children273
The parent notice board is accessible and easy to understand1515
Staff keep me well informed of my child's progress273
I am confident staff are well qualified and demonstrate the skills needed to support my child273
I know if my child is struggling that they are being helped appropriately273
I am confident the staff will do their best to protect the children from harm282
Staff are happy and work well together291
Staff deal with my concerns appropriately273
The management is approachable30
I am treated like a partner in my child's education264
Staff make an effort to explain what happens in the nursery273
Staff are lead well and work well as a team291
Do you feel the children are encouraged to become independent282
 Yes No
I have been provided with the nurseries Child Protection policy30
Overall are you happy with hilltop tots day nursery


What do you think we are doing well?
“Keeping parents updated with their kid's routine at nursery is something very relieving plus having all these nice different activities for kids”


“Communication with the parents is outstanding”


“All staff genuinely care about **** and provide personalised care to help her enjoy her time at nursery”


“Encouraging **** to make friends and making her feel welcome”


“Everything, I could not be happier that my child attends this nursery and I feel that staff are very encouraging and loving towards my child. They are also very encouraging and helpful with parents”


“I like the use of the app. It keeps communication lines open and the staff use it regularly. All staff are very approachable and clearly care deeply about the children. They all go above and beyond in all aspects of nursery life; that’s clear to see”


“Having a positive, welcoming attitude and making the children’s best interests priority”


“I love the passion for childcare and education which is evident through the layout of the setting/ resources and just by talking to the staff”


“lots of varied activities, lots of outside play where possible, good communication via the app”


“**** obviously loves you all and has an amazing relationship with his keyworker. He smiles so much for her!”


“It’s stimulating- there is always something fun to do!”


“When I arrive **** is always happy and playing mostly with the hoover and love being in the big room.”


“For me I feel so comfortable leaving him in your care because it’s like a home away from home a little family”


“Staff genuinely care and provide personalised care”


“****Always comes home happy”


“Caring safe environment”


“My child comes home every day very happy”


“Keeping parents updated whilst at work and encouraging all ages to interact”


“There are enough staff members to offer the children one on one time and support. When I pick up my son all the staff there know what he has been doing for the day so shows that everyone gets involved. My child loves going to nursery and has come on leaps and bounds in a short space since attending nursery. The staff are amazing with the children and the parents and it feels like a little family. It is a very friendly and loving environment with lots of encouragement for the children


“My children have bloomed since being at Hilltop Tots”



What do you think we could improve?
“I’m not sure if I know where to look for what activities are out for each day. I’m sure the activities will do though!”

We have made our planning boards more visual and exciting in each room so that the planned activities for the week are easier to find. These are also updated with the child and staff lead activities each day.


“I would like for whole family to be included in her nursery life through family pictures etc.”

We now have a family tree and we encourage our families to bring in family photos to display on our tree


“I would like to know what my child eats in the day, perhaps updating the menus on the Baby Day’s app.”

We will now be adding our weekly menus to the parent app as well as already being displayed on the parent board; we have also moved our parent board to the entrance so that it is easily accessed by our families.



Children's views: What are the good things about Hilltop Tots Day Nursery?
“Lots of friends, lots to do”


“Making friends, messy play. Singing and dancing”


“The staff and loads of dollies”


“she replied “Toast” however I feel that overall she appreciates the outside space and the fun she has playing with the farm”


“Painting with my friends and playing outside”


“Having the freedom to explore different things everyday”


“The outdoor area, messy play, story time, playing with friends”


“The variety of foods offered and being able to bring stories home to read with us”


“messy play, playing outside”


“Toast, outside space and farm”


“Lots of activities”


“Caring staff”


“Playing with friends”


“The different activities”


Children's views: What could we do to make the nursery better?
“Bubble painting”

We all love bubbles at Hilltop and bubble painting is a fantastic idea that we will add to our activities.


“Spend more time with the big kids :-)”

We have regular open play sessions to allow all our children to play together. We believe that this enables our younger children to learn from our older children and encourages our older children to learn responsibility.

“More trips out”

We now include regular trips out into our planning and we are all enjoying our little adventures!



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