Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know what my child has done each day?

Each child has a daily diary on Learning Book which is completed by their staff member each day. You will also receive a brief handover each day you collect your child.

What will happen if my child is unwell?

We will contact you if your child is unwell and inform you further if they need to be collected. We also record any accidents and inform you of these when you collect your child.

Can someone collect my child that the nursery does not know?

No. We take the security of your children very seriously. Each child's guardians are designated a unique password and we ask that each adult with permission to collect your child provides us with a passport sized picture. Should a new adult need to collect your child, you would need to inform the nursery and provide the adult with your password. We will never allow your child to leave with anyone unauthorised to do so, even if your child knows them.